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How Labour are you?

Take this test to find out how much you agree with each other.
  • PAYE and self-employed workers should be treated the same for tax and social welfare benefits.
  • Land owners who leave commercial or residential land undeveloped should pay an extra tax.
  • No to fracking, yes to wind and solar power.
  • Free GP care for all.
  • Drug addicts need medical help, not prison sentences.
  • Immigrants should be encouraged to participate in public life and politics.
  • Spend €3 on public services for every €1 cut in USC.
  • Parents should have a say in all school policy.
  • Prison sentences are not the answer to minor, non-violent crimes.
  • Computer-readable government data should be openly accessible and available for reuse.

If mostly yes, you are no friend of the Labour Party but you are not their enemy either.