How Renua are you?

Take this test to find out how much you agree with each other.
Cá mhéad Renua atá ionat?
Déan an scrúdú seo go bhfeice tú an bhfuil sibh ar aon tuairim.
  • No able-bodied person should get state assistance without contributing to their communities.
  • Rural pubs should receive a grant for providing some tourist and local history information.
  • Motor tax should be scrapped and replaced by a levy on fuel.
  • Hospitals should be independent and there should be competition among them.
  • Public sector pay should be set by a body independent of the government.
  • Politicians who put clientalist interest over national interest should face a by-election.
  • If a child continually falls foul of the law their parents should be held legally responsible.
  • A student loan system system should be introduced to fund university education.
  • Yes to renewable strategy but no to wind farms.
  • The teaching of Irish in schools needs a radical rethink.