There are some unique features you can choose from in a new massage chair today; not only more support and comfort but many chairs also have built-in features, such as new speakers or a cup holder.

No matter what it is that you are looking for in a new chair, you have to compare the top rated products, to find the right one for you. With several chairs, you are bound to find one that provides what you are looking for.

These are the best massage chairs if you are having pain in your back to consider when you are ready to buy a new massage chair for use at home. If you are looking to buy top of the world products when it comes to chairs, I found following best massage chair guides here and here to be really helpful.

#10 Comfort Product Leisure Recliner Chair

Ten motors, pressure points to the lower back and lumbar, a footrest, and a 3.25” foam seat, there are several comfort settings to choose from with this chair.

In addition to the comfort and relax settings, there are several massage features, and the ottoman is also a great feature if you want to recline on this massage chair.

#9 Osaki 4000 Zero Gravity Chair

Osaki 4000Osaki 4000 chair have leg adjustments, 180-degree decline, neck and foot massage, and six massage settings, are a few of the great features this chair offers.

The cup leg holder design also allows you to keep your legs in a comfortable position when you are going to set one of the massage settings on the chair.

#8 HT massage chair

Cup holder, a built-in control panel, auto recline, and a removable massage pad, are some of the great features you can appreciate with this chair.

The larger cushion and heavier weight capacity also make it ideal for any user, regardless of the weight or the settings they want in a new massage chair.

#7 BestMassage Massage Chair

bestmassageThis model features rolling and kneading settings, along with several power settings, to add or reduce the pressure the massage chair is going to apply. Chop action and compression and percussion settings, also allow the user to set the speed and the intensity at which the chair is going to work on the different body parts when they are seated for a massage on this model chair.

#6 Best Massage Shiatsu chair

It offers a kneading feature, for the neck and back, vibrators for the feet and calves, power rollers for optimal pressure point pressure. No matter how much tension you are experiencing, or what type of pain you are dealing with, you are going to love the settings, and the great massage you are going to get from this chair.

#5 Panasonic Urban Collection Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A 3-way foot massager, and four preset speed options for this chair are a couple of distinct features you can appreciate when you sit down for a message. There are up to 44 massage settings, and distinct styles of massage that you can choose from, as well as speed variables, for a more relaxing, or a more intense massage, based on how you are feeling. The highest quality leather material coats this chair, for comfort, and to ensure it is going to last, regardless of how much it is used at home.

#4 Relaxzen Leisure

relaxzenThis offers eight vibration massage modes, for the neck, back, thighs, and your feet.

It has 9 programmed modes, and a random mode, it also has a heat setting, if you are dealing with sore or tense muscles, when you sit down for a massage; with up to 5 intensity levels for you to choose from, it is also a great chair for those who want a comfortable massage, or simply want to relax while sitting in a larger, comfortable chair.

#3 BestMassage EC-06C Chair

recinerThis one features more than 30 airbags, for comfort and more support, and it features an intelligent and flexible roller system, which will conform to the massage that you set most often.

The chair will remember your patterns, so if you choose one setting often, it will store into the memory as well.

A long range of massage rollers, easy to use control panel, and one button settings, are some of the great features that you will appreciate if you choose this to be your new massage chair.

#2 Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

human touch

Human Touch massage chair is a differs from lots of people think of. It has different design yet it can use a full-body massage.

The smaller chair not mean that it is not comparable to a routine massage chair however the cost makes it an eye-catching option.

Swivel base is a significant and also and the integrated programs are excellent enough for basically every person.


  • Mid-range rate however costs quality
  • Multiple programs integrated consisting of for pain as well as stress relief
  • Lumbar warmth modules that help lower pain


Leg massage is not really comfortable

There is nothing much that can be stated in regards to cons. The Human Touch massage chair is a great option. If there is one point that can be improved is the leg component.

The massage is not that wonderful for the legs yet on the back, it is a superb choice. All the integrated programs offer a function and they function quite well.

Also, having a swivel base is a significant and also.

Couple of various other chairs have such a function.

#1 Inada Sogno Dream Weave Massage Chair

inada sogno dreamwaveThe skull to upper glutes are covered in this device, and it even features a head massage feature, for those who suffer from migraines or have intense headaches often.

Side presses, neck, and shoulder massage modes, 3D massage, a shiatsu point locator system, to find the pressure points and stress points, and alleviate the built-up tension that you are experiencing, when you sit down in this chair.

Calf and foot massage modes are also available with this chair if you want to target every single body part when you sit down for a massage.

There are several great massages and several great chair modes that you can choose from, regardless of which of these chairs you choose to purchase.

Although they are a bit pricier than other models and other massage chairs on the market, these are chairs that are going to last, are going to provide a comforting massage, and are going to work for you in the home, for several years to come.

No matter what you are experiencing, or what type of massage you want to experience, these are some of the top massage chairs you can purchase which will provide you a comforting experience in the home.

Not only will these chairs do the job that you can have done at a massage studio, but they are also going to be far cheaper in the long run.

Long lasting, comfortable seating, and several distinct features and massage options, are just some of the great features that you are going to appreciate, with any of these band names when it comes to best massage chairs.

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