Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Review & [Buying Guide 2019]
Osaki Os-4000 massage chair intro

OSAKI OS-4000 is a zero-gravity executive massage chair designed with eight unique massage programs. Built with an ergonomically designed s-curve that fits the massage spots of the human spine.

The model comes with 46 airbags that include hips, back, seat, calves, and feet. Flaunting a wireless mini-controller, LCD and a 5-30 minutes auto timer, this model comes in different color shades to suit your decor and taste.

We have got an extensive review done by our reader, Mark and by consulting experts from wellnessgeeky.com and you can read further to know more about this review.

Osaki OS-4000 Review


  • Zero-gravity recliner and auto massage modes for maximum massage experience
  • Comprehensive human-like massage that simulates hand massage to a large extent


  • Takes a lot of space especially when the zero gravity recliner is used in massage
  • The massage pressure in the calf region is at times intense for some users

Osaki OS-4000 – Functionality : 4.5/5

The specialty of OSAKI OS4000 is its zero gravity massage. When I heard of this model, I was quite apprehensive about the feature. But the science behind the technique and the relief from the massage impressed me. The inclined position removes stress from the back and makes back massage more effective.

I had to clear out a lot of space to use the recliner. And when my feet went up, I was not comfortable for the first time. Eventually, I understood that the ZG position is perfect for spinal alignment and provides greater relief.

Also, high pillow design that comes with this chair helped me stay comfortably at ZG position throughout the massage

Osaki OS-4000T – Style: 4.5/5

The exterior option of this chair is best suited to most decors. Charcoal, burgundy and black, cream and beige & black and beige are the four different color variations available.

The exterior is made with resin leather, meant to give the soft and comforting experience of sinking into the chair and inner body is built with steel, and so far I have cleaned the chair with damp sponges only. I chose the cream and beige as it went well with my flooring. So I have to clean it often.

No complaints though. Cleaning and maintenance of the chair are quite easy. It’s clearly stated in the manual that water or any cleaning agents shouldn’t be used on the massage chair. But using a dampened sponge or cloth would cause no harm.

The LCD and the wireless remote lives up to the executive look it promises. Display glows in the dark as well and is meant for user-friendly operations. The microprocessor is intelligent and delivers the performance that matches the look. I would be happy to give 4.5/5 for the style quotient of this chair.

Osaki OS-4000CS – Durability: 4/5

With the inner body built with heavy duty steel, this chair is highly durable and with my usage frequency (Almost thrice a day as I have a big family of 8), I …

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